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President and Ceo: Juliette Henry Kersaint

Meet Juliette Henry Kersaint. From the time she started out, she has always been drawn to
counselling people in need. With years of
experience in caring for and helping others, dealing with, and overcoming mental and emotional
challenges herself, while also having a child with autism, she developed a passion for being an advocate for mental wellness. At JHK Wellness, we coach individuals with a holistic or whole minded approach to help them thrive mentally and
Juliette Henry Kersaint is a certified mental health coach, anger management specialist, life coach specialist, Certified Christian counselor, premarital counselor,
and Notary Publicist. She also has a Ph.D. in Theology.
JHK Wellness was founded and established in June 2022. Our aim is to provide a solution focused coaching to support individuals in achieving their full potential with an emphasis on mental and emotional health and performance. We coach
clients to manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationships, and reduce stress and anxiety. We assist individuals in gaining skills and increased self-efficacy to promote resilience and healthy lifestyle behaviors that support positive mental health, effective performance, productivity, coping skills, processing, and healing from everyday stress.
Every area in our life needs special care and attention. When we feel best, we can be our best. Peace is priceless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve our vision, by providing excellent and good quality services. We believe in professionalism, good character and integrity.

Our Vision

To help empower and bring value to everyone we serve, by providing reliable, professional and good quality services.

Join The Rising Group
With JHK Enterprise.

Let’s work with you, join the group of expertise, passion and support. We will hold your hand take you to where you need to be.

Our clients well-being and satisfaction is our top priority.

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P.O. Box 902
Deerfield Beach, FL 33443

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